JET Pro (BS-1007)

USD$11 USD$11
. Give yourself the best gift, protect your eyes start now
. Show your personal features with stylish accessories
. Summer is coming, sun glasses is our good partners
. Made in Taiwan, guaranteed non-toxic
. Compliance with environmental regulations and manufacturing processes

Lens color Cool Blue / Pitch Black
Frame material Formulated PC
Lens spec Polarized Lenses
EN ISO 12312-1 : 2013 ( EU )、
ANSI Z80.3 : 2010 ( USA )、
AS / NZS 1067 : 2013 ( AU ) 、
CNS 15067 are fulfilled.

☆  Airwave Channel  ☆

The specially designed Airwave channel reduces the turbulence inside the JET Pro. Thus it creates more stability even when you are doing the most fierce activity. The airwave channel also helps the air stream to have a proper convection inside which reduces the chances to have foggy lens.

☆  JET Pro Memory Rubber Pads  ☆
JET Pro's 3D rubber pads are specially designed fitthe human ture contour.
The special formulated material is resilient and comfortably fits well onto noses.

☆  Full-coverage Frame  ☆
The lightweight frames offer full-coverage with a natural curvature to fit your face comfortably and not let any wind in.

☆  JET Pro Polarized Lenses  ☆
Improve your vision,reduce glare, and sharpen your eye sight.

☆  Blue Lenses ☆
You get true HD night driving vision that helps you easily see road features, other cars, animals,people, and objects in the road.
Also ideal for Cycling, Running,Hiking, Fishing, Skiing, Climbing, Motorcycle and any time bright glare is a problem.