CROSS BAR PRO (CB-1019 125 cm)

● Foot base needs to secure to the with factory open railing.
● Compatible with accessories mounting with T bolt
● T bolt slides freely along the rubber insert
● Premium antioxidant surface treatments finish
● Aluminum bar with Anti-freeze Rubber, no worry to use the roof rack for coldest and hottest environments
● Load up to 75 kg / 165 lbs.
● Comes with locks and keys.
● Length sizes: 125 cm / 145 cm

● Rack components list below and purchased separately based on your car models.
AP-3475:125 cm Aluminum Bars (2PCS)
AP-3476:145 cm Aluminum Bars (2PCS)

AP-3438:Foot Base (4PCS)

● Product Combination No.:
CB-1019-125 cm:AP-3475+AP-3438
CB-1019-145 cm:AP-3976+AP-3438