BN´B RACK offers a limited life time warranty for main body of all bike carriers from defects in material and workmanship and two years on degradable material like rubber and plastics from the date of the original purchase. It is under BN´B RACK´s discretion or determinate which of the following methods is most suitable to execute the warranty: repair, replacement, or refund.

BN´B RACK warranty and service are always handled through the dealership where the bike carrier was bought. In the case that you can not contact that BN´B RACK dealer, please find an BN´B RACK authorized distributor or contact us in BN´B RACK website or through our social media channels.

At any rate, BN´B RACK is only liable for the value of the product. Any damage to cars, property, cargoes, bicycles, and persons are not covered by this warranty.

BN´B RACK entire conventional trunk mounted the carriers are designed to be as universal as possible. Unfortunately there are much different kind of cars that make impossible to fit them in all type of cars.

Initial assembly and fitment will take approximately 10 minutes for the first times. After some practice the installation shouldn´t take more than 5 minutes.

Please follow the indications in your instruction manual and make sure to alternate the direction of each bicycle when you load the bikes. 

Some bikes have a different frame (like lady bikes) that makes them harder to install onto a bike carrier. In these cases, please use a bike beam to help load your bicycles.

BN´B RACK does not recommend that boot/trunk is opened when using a conventional strap mounted cycle carrier. If attempted, excessive strain on the boot hinges, or the risk of the carrier or bike slipping may cause extensive damage to the vehicle. Roof mounted carriers or tow ball mounted carriers with drop down features are recommended to cusotmers who wish to retain access to the boot. Be extremely cautious when you attempt to open the trunk with carrier on.

Due to the weakness of spoilers it is recommended that the trunk bike carriers don´t rest or have any contact with the spoilers. The suitability of the cycle carrier is dependent of the size and position of the spoiler. For most boot mounted spoilers, a high mount carrier like BC-6315-2S Supporter, BC-6326-3PS Everest Touring, or a versatile carrier like BC-6301-3E-A Aerorack S will easily fot over the spoiler. For vehicles with high mounted spoilers, a roof mount or tow ball mount carrier would be more suitable. 

When properly installed to a clean vehicle, they won´t scratch or cause any damage to your vehicle. It is recommended that you remove the bike carriers or roof rack and periodically clean the area to prevent the possibility of damage. If the rubber coating part of rack is worn out, contact an authorized dealer.